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About Us

"Zhongshan Shengyuan Electric Appliance Co., Ltd." also named EEIO, means three basic type transformer, EE type (high frequency), EI type (square), O type (toroidal transformer). O on behalf of the toroidal transformer, and who is divided into two upper and lower semicircles, just like EEIO’s enterprise culture- Half is customers and another half is employees and suppliers.
EEIO is a bridge and a platform. In this platform, customers enjoy more professional high-quality toroidal transformer and services; employees and suppliers keep growing together. EEIO sincerely treats everyone, no matter for customers or for employees and suppliers and no matter anytime, EEIO will not transfer any risk to its customer or employee or supplier. Because for for him, all of them means family people.
Eight years passed, the EEIO transformer has become the leader of professional supplier with customized service in the industry of toroidal transformer. Success on the road for success is not crowded, because there is not so much people who can insist for a long time they can not imagine.
For EEIO transformer, To explore this industry deeply is not only our vision but also our mission. EEIO will keep going focusing on our professional career and providing more and more best toroidal transformer for the people who needs it.

Basic Information

  • Business Type:

  • Product Service:

    Toroidal Transformer, Power Supply Transformer, Waterproof Transformer
  • Company Registered:

  • Employee Number:

    Over 100 Staffs
  • Brand:

  • Certification:

    CE, UL
  • Main Markets:

    Market includes Aisa, North America, South Amercia, Middle East and other areas

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